26. Our Birth Stories with Bonnie and Heidi

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Our Birth Stories With Bonnie & Heidi


Welcome back to another episode of the Pop Family Podcast! The beautiful Bonnie is back with us again today to share her and Heidi’s birth stories from January this year (2022). The accounts of their birthing experiences are quite detailed and may be triggering for some.


We begin with Bonnie’s journey as she tells us of her pre-labour experience, why she had to be induced, and why her options around her delivery were limited. We learn about her transition into active labour, why she chose to be in her body rather than her head, how she instinctively knew when to start pushing, and what her preferences for delivery were.


Heidi shares why she loved having both a private obstetrician and midwife, what ‘stretch and sweeps’ means, her dilemma when trying to ascertain whether her contractions were real, and how she entered a fully meditative state. Through Heidi’s birthing story we learn how the bath became her happy place, and how she was eventually able to find the resolve to push after an arduous 12-hour labour.


This is a truly enlightening episode and, if you’d like to hear the names of the two special bubs, be sure to tune in! 


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Back-to-back contractions and being your body rather than your head 

  • How when to start pushing was natural and instinctive for Bonnie   

  • Bonnie’s hospital plan and preferences for her delivery

  • Heidi’s birth story, starting with her birthing preferences

  • The perks of having a private obstetrician and midwife

  • Heidi’s pre- and early labour journey

  • How she got into the zone and found a fully meditative state

  • Finding the resolve to push after 12 hours of active labour

  • The name reveals of Heidi and Bonnie’s little bubs

  • And so much more!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:


Bonnie Hayes on LinkedIn

Australian Birth Stories

Heidi Trusler (Begg) on LinkedIn

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