25. Trimester 3 in Review with Heidi & Bonnie

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 Trimester Three In Review With Bonnie & Heidi


Welcome back to the Pop Family Podcast! Today, CEO Heidi is joined by Bonnie once again, this time to discuss the third trimester of their pregnancies.


We dive deep into our struggles such as weight gain, self-confidence, swollen ankles, gestational diabetes, and everything in between! We also take a look at the highlights of the third trimester and the special feeling you get when people are so lovely to you as a pregnant woman.


Next, we dive into a few things we did during our third trimesters that we’d do again during our future pregnancy journeys. You’ll hear all about antenatal classes, lactation consultants, antenatal pumping, and so much more. You don’t want to miss this one!


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • The struggles of trimester three

  • The highlights of trimester three

  • Things we did during our third trimesters that we’d recommend

  • Becoming familiar with your breasts in preparation for breastfeeding

  • And so much more!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:


Bonnie Hayes on LinkedIn

Australian Birth Stories

Heidi Trusler (Begg) on LinkedIn

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