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Pop has been providing high-quality, consistent speech pathology services via telehealth since 2016.

Whether at school or at home, we support adults & children all across the country — no matter where they live — to reach their full potential.

We complete all speech therapy assessments and sessions 100% online via Zoom video calls, so you can access speech therapy from wherever suits you best!

We’re a proudly female-led workplace with over 45 passionate, highly-skilled Speech Pathologists that make up our team.


"To deliver excellence in online speech therapy and learning services to empower all families
to reach their potential!"

Our Story by CEO Heidi

I grew up in ‘outback’ Queensland, between Bollon & Cunnamulla. We had a bush nurse about 1 hour down the road, and the closest hospital was 2 hours away. In this hospital however, you wouldn’t find any allied health professionals that provided therapy to little kids with disabilities.

My mother tells a story of once driving to Toowoomba — a 12+ hour round trip! — to visit a Speech Pathologist. This therapist was unable to fathom how “advanced” my brother Jack was. He was a cute little boy with Down Syndrome who had amazing manners and was hitting his speech and language milestones.

Unfortunately, Mum wasn’t impressed with the session and decided that the 12 hour trip wasn’t going to be worth it in the future. What a shame that this was her only experience and that a 12 hour round trip was her only choice.

Becoming a Speech Pathologist was certainly a decision that stemmed from growing up with Jack. Starting a telehealth company? Well, that was purely a copy of my childhood schooling model — via distance education! We used to have classes, recorder lessons and even choir all via the radio.

I thought, if we could go to school over the radio, surely you can do speech therapy over Skype… right?

Vision Statement

Pop was initially born from a serious need for better access to speech pathology in rural communities. But, in our providing our services, we soon realised that there were so many more people who could benefit from telehealth. Today, we support anyone who needs it, whether they live in the city, rurally, or internationally.

“By changing individual lives, we are creating an immeasurable ripple impact beyond”.


About Teletherapy

Spot Telehealth

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the delivery of assessment and therapy online.

It empowers children, adults, schools, hospitals and families to access the services that they need at the click of a button.

Research has found that teletherapy is proven to have the same outcomes as in-person therapy!

About SPOT - Speech Therapy
Spot Accessibility

Who can do teletherapy?

Anyone who needs it!

We serve families with babies and toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. Teletherapy can support any individual, but it can also support schools, hospitals, nursing homes and community health centres to access the high quality allied health services that they need.

This means an in-house therapist might not be necessary and you can access a range of experienced clinicians at the click of  a button!

When we partner with a school or hospital, we provide training for your staff and any families members to support the easy implementation of teletherapy in your organisation.

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