28. Bonnie’s Trimester Four in Review

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Bonnie’s Trimester Four in Review

Bonnie’s journey through Trimester Four is the focus of today’s episode and it is a true testament to her unending strength and resilience!

During her pregnancy, Bonnie experienced complications in the form of severe preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hip pain that prevented her from walking more than a few metres. But it was after her son Patrick was born (at 37 weeks and 2.5 kilograms) that the real challenge began. Jaundice, a tongue-tie, and power vomiting characterised the first 6 weeks of Bonnie’s fourth trimester.

Listen to the episode to hear Bonnie candidly share stories from what she describes as the most difficult period of her life, as well as some of the highlights and what kept her going! Her limitless capacity for perseverance is truly inspirational.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Complications that Bonnie experienced during pregnancy that made her high-risk

  • Latching issues that Pat experienced

  • Managing preeclampsia after giving birth

  • The various factors that made Pat’s case a complex one

  • Discoveries that were made at Pat’s first IBCLC appointment at two weeks old

  • Challenges that followed Pat’s frenectomy

  • Positive changes that began to take place at the 6-week milestone

  • Highlights of Bonnie’s antenatal journey

  • Products that Bonnie recommends for new Mums

  • And so much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Bonnie Hayes

Bonnie Hayes on LinkedIn


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