23. When Your Child Struggles with Literacy – The Journey of a Devoted Parent with Kate Andrew from Read 3

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Today’s guest, Kate, is a freelance content creator, Mum of a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD, and the co-founder of the Read3 Literacy Program (if you’re interested in learning more about Read 3, tune into our previous podcast with Robyn, Kate’s co-founder!).


In today’s episode, we have an open-hearted discussion (interspersed with a few tears!) about Kate’s journey of dealing with her son’s diagnoses.


Kate speaks candidly about the guilt and devastation that she felt when she discovered that Elliot had dyslexia, and how the experiences which followed motivated her to make literacy more accessible than it currently is.


Kate shares what she wishes she had known earlier, the interventions that have been incredibly helpful for her and her son, and valuable advice for all parents out there who may be going through something similar with their own children.


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • The instrumental role that parents should play in their child’s therapy journey once they receive a diagnosis

  • What you should and shouldn’t expect from your child’s school teachers post-diagnosis

  • Why we don’t always recommend getting a formal diagnosis from an educational psychologist

  • One of Kate’s worst moments after Elliot received his dyslexia diagnosis and how it inspired the work she does at Read3

  • Why so many of the children Speechies work with seem to hate school

  • Kate shares some of the interventions that have made a huge difference in Elliot’s life

  • How Elliot’s school has supported him and Kate with regard to his diagnoses

  • The solution that Read3 provides for children with reading and writing difficulties

  • Challenges that children with a dyslexia diagnosis, and their parents, are likely to face

  • And so much more!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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