Gifts for Kids Under $20 That Support Learning


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Are you looking for the perfect present that not only brings joy but also supports early learning? Our speech pathologists have put together some affordable options that you can consider for Christmas 2023! These gifts encourage children to learn new concepts, express themselves, and develop their imagination. And the best thing is, all these presents are under $20!

Large Beach Set

Recommended By:

Emily Parker

Early Learning Benefits

With this large beach set, your child will be able to practice “doing words”, also known as verbs, such as scoop, ready, set, go, crash, build, make, tap, put, pour, and flip.

You can also use it to encourage your child to explore new concepts like full, empty, big, small, wet, dry, light, and heavy.

There are also lots of opportunities for repetition to increase the exposure to new words!

See You Later, Alligator Hand Puppet Book

Recommended By:

Lucy G

Early Learning Benefits

This plush puppet book is a perfect opportunity to get your child more involved in reading. It encourages:

  • Expressive language, through gestures and singing
  • Increased sentence length
  • Active participation in book-sharing

As a whole, puppets are an excellent tool for early learning to understand different perspectives as the person who takes on the role of the puppet has to step into the puppet’s world. This can also help develop imagination and improve engagement and interaction with the story.

Wooden Tea Set

Recommended By:

Heidi Trusler

Early Learning Benefits

A wooden tea set can help your child practise doing or action words, aka verbs (stir, drink, sip, eat, munch munch). It’s also a perfect tool for modelling language (yummy, eat, drink, water, milk).

This set provides opportunities for pretend play and practising language for real-life chaos with “pretend” spilling, and also with pretend cleaning up. Here’s hoping the joy of cleaning up will stick with them!

Early Learning Benefits

Play-Doh suits a whole range of ages and provides endless opportunities for imaginative play.

Try encouraging use and repetition of these words when playing with Play-Doh:

Descriptive Words/Adjectives


Doing and Action Words/Verbs


You can also ask questions about its colour, shape and size to add and practise new words.

Don’t forget to look around the house for other tools to make dents and moulds out of the Play-Doh, such as blunt knives, spoons, and lids off pens.

These presents are not only affordable but also support the speech and language development of your child. They help children to learn new words, practice verbs, and develop their imagination, all while having fun. So, if you’re after a 2023 Christmas present for your child, consider these options. They are worth every penny!

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P.S. We have no affiliation or sponsorships with these companies, we just like their stuff!

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