Making Speech Therapy for Kids Easy: In-School Sessions

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Ever felt like finding the right help for your kid’s speech shouldn’t be a puzzle? If you’re a parent knee-deep in the school routine, there’s a nifty solution to explore – telehealth speech therapy at school. We explore why this option is so beneficial for children, parents and teachers, and discuss how you can get started with online speech therapy during school hours right away.


Benefits of Telehealth Speech Therapy at School


Telehealth brings speech therapy directly to your child during school hours, eliminating the need for additional after-school appointments. This not only saves time but also integrates therapy seamlessly into their routine.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Imagine your child receiving therapy in a familiar, focused school setting. Not only are they already in a learning mindset, but they also often have all the resources they need to get started: a quiet space, a device to use, and an adult to supervise the session.

Minimal Disruption

Online speech therapy at school ensures minimal disruption to your child’s routine. No additional transportation or scheduling adjustments are needed, allowing for a smooth transition from the classroom to therapy.

Convenient for Busy Parents

Aligning with school hours, telehealth sessions are a lifesaver for busy parents. No more scheduling headaches – sessions fit into your child’s school day (and possibly you’re own work schedule), making it easier to manage your family’s commitments and your own.

Regular Communication and Progress Tracking

Telehealth sessions during school hours help align and facilitate regular communication and progress updates between therapists, parents, and school staff. Everyone involved is able to focus on helping your child achieve their goals and can celebrate their wins. You’re also invited to join sessions when you’re available, logging into the Zoom session from wherever you are.

Collaboration with School Staff

Virtual speech therapy in a school setting encourages greater collaboration between the therapist and school staff. Therapists can provide training and support to educators, ensuring consistent reinforcement of speech therapy objectives throughout the school day.


Starting the Discussion With Your School

Introducing Telehealth Speech Therapy

We get it – schools can be a maze of bureaucracy and it’s totally normal to feel a bit apprehensive about starting the conversion. Remember, you’re not just asking for a favour; you’re suggesting an innovative solution that will enhance your child’s communication skills with others and identify how others can best support your child. You’re the expert on your child and your input matters.

Explain to your school that your child is engaging in speech therapy with an online speech pathology service (Pop!). Let them know that sessions occur on an ongoing basis, either weekly or fortnightly, and that you would like their support in facilitating these sessions.

You can download and bring this handout with you to help guide the conversation.

Creating the Right Setting

To ensure your school has the correct resources and support to host the sessions, check that your school can provide:

  1. A quiet space for the session, for example, an office, space in the library, or an empty classroom.
  2. An adult to support your child during the session. They will need to be available to help set up the device and attend the session, which will go for 30-60 mins.
  3. A device to use such as an iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

Adult and child looking at a laptop on a video call with a Pop speech therapist

Discussing Session Times

Explore with the school staff what the most convenient session days and times are. You can inform the Pop team of your preferences, or our Pop Support Crew can reach out to your school directly. Just share your school’s contact details and, if available, the child’s teacher’s email address.

We’re here to help you feel confident advocating for your child’s speech therapy during school hours. We’re here to help and support you! 

You're the expert on your child and your input matters.

Take Action Today

Telehealth speech therapy at school offers a range of benefits for busy parents and their children. By providing faster access, a conducive learning environment, minimal disruption, and convenient scheduling, this innovative approach to speech therapy makes it easier than ever to support your child’s speech development. Take advantage of this opportunity and unlock your child’s potential today with telehealth at school.

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