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Hospital / Healthcare Providers

We can assess and provide intervention at any point along the continuum of care, online! Our telehealth services have been utilised by hospitals throughout Australia for 18 months now.

  • We train your staff to assist us remotely.
  • We tailor the process to your particular healthcare setting and requirements.
  • We work closely with you to ensure a multidisciplinary approach is taken to patient care.

Community Health/ Aged Care

We partner with community health services to provide consistent speech pathology services to your community! Late talkers to aged-care swallow assessments, we have you covered!


We partner with your hospital to provide dysphagia and communication assessment and intervention to your inpatients.

We provide long-term cover and backfill in an inpatient setting.

We tailor our service to suit your unique hospital requirements, and train your staff to work collaboratively with us)


We partner with you to provide Speech Pathology & allied health services to your outpatients! Whether you require services for children or adults, we have you covered!

Are you a hospital or healthcare provider?

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Why partner with Pop?

  • Staff retention – we guarantee a consistent allied health service with no need for ongoing recruitment
  • Experienced therapists! – we have a large team of therapists that can cover any referral that comes our way
Reduced Resolution

Please refer to Individual Services for an outline of personalised care that we can provide your patients.

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