24. How to Get Your Baby or Child to Sleep with The Holistic Sleep Nurse

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There is so much information available for mothers about the three trimesters during pregnancy, but almost nothing to prepare them for the fourth trimester! Talking to us today about how to handle the demands of a newborn relating to their sleep is nurse, midwife, and certified baby and child sleep consultant, Jude Capewell.


Join us to discover the most common red flags when a child isn’t sleeping optimally (reliance on external measures and the blame game) and how external elements such as dummies, feeding cycles, motion, and rocking or patting can lead to bad sleep habits.


Jude also describes a poor feed-sleep cycle, as well as why it’s so damaging to the baby and parents, and she shares some great advice on how to set a good sleep routine early on.


Tune in to learn five top tips on how to survive the fourth trimester and so much more in today’s fascinating episode!


In this episode, we cover:


  • How motherhood inspired Jude to become a holistic sleep nurse

  • The training involved in becoming a sleep consultant

  • Common red flags Jude notices when a child isn’t sleeping optimally

  • How external elements like dummies, feeding, motion or rocking can become bad habits

  • Why the relationship between feeding and sleeping needs to be monitored

  • Five top tips to survive the fourth trimester

  • How to capitalise on a newborn’s awake time and know when it’s time to put them to sleep

  • Why it’s never too early for a good sleep routine

  • And so much more!


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